Monday, December 10, 2012

Candy Tubes For the Holidays

I filled some of the tubes with mint m&m's. They only sell the peppermint m&m's at Target.

The bag looks like this!

I buy the tubes in the wedding section at Michael's. Then I glued a piece of polka dot ribbon around the top lid and I glued a little candy cane on top. Both the ribbon and mini candy cane are also from Michael's.

I also made some with the classic Christmas colors red and green. I used the same polka dot ribbon but I glued a wreath on top instead of the candy cane. I bought the mini wreaths at Hobby Lobby - near the stickers.

I love making these little tubes - I have used them for Halloween and Easter candy. I also used them for the baseball team filled with sunflower seeds.

Be creative!