Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Basketball Treats

I made some treats for the basketball team. Popcorn with team colors and some basketball m&m and Reeses pieces tubes.

I put the popcorn bags in a basketball basket.

Our team colors are blue and orange - so I sorted through some bags of m&m's and pulled out the blue and orange and added them to the pre-made popcorn I bought at Trader Joe's.

I usually make my own popcorn with chocolate drizzle. Put I knew I was going to be pressed for time so I bought a few bags of this Kettle Corn.

Once I mixed the Kettle Corn and m&m's - I put a handful of the mixture into little bags. Tied them with an orange ribbon and put them in a basket. So easy!

I also made some m&m and Reese's pieces tubes. I made some with the brown m&m's left over from the popcorn project and the rest with orange and brown Reese's pieces.

The basketball on the top is from a piece of scrapbook paper - I just cut out a few basketballs and taped them to the top of the tube.

These would also make great party favors and you could adapt them to any sport or team color!