Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easy Party Favors

I made these party favors for a holiday lunch that I am attending today! Of course I will bring my friends an ornament! But I am also bringing a little snack for everyone!

I cannot stay out of the wedding section of Michael's! I had a ton of these little plastic boxes. I think I might have used them when I was teaching a class on the Rosary and I used the boxes to give everyone in the class a little Rosary. Perhaps that is because my favorite Rosary came in a little box like this. And my favorite Rosary is from the Vatican and was blessed by the Pope.

To make this fun and easy party favor you will need:

Small clear plastic boxes
3 types of candy
Coordinating ribbon

Fill each box with candy. I was making these for a holiday lunch - so I filled one box with crushed candy canes (to sprinkle on ice cream or cookies), sour cherry candy and chocolate covered blueberries.

Then I stacked the clear boxes and tied them with a red and white polka dot ribbon. I buy a lot of my Christmas candies at Sprouts, Trader Joe's and of course Target!

This would be a cute party favor for the classroom, sports team or neighbors. Be creative!