Friday, December 21, 2012

Six or Seven Super Easy Holiday Ideas

The first idea is to make Peep lollipops. You will need Holiday Peeps, lollipop sticks, plastic bags and coordinating ribbon. You can buy everything you need at your local craft store. They sell the peeps at Target and grocery stores.

I used the Gingerbread Peeps. They also have Christmas Tree and Snowman peeps. Simply put your Peep on a lollipop stick, place a plastic bag over the Peep and tie with coordinating ribbon.

I also glued a little candy cane onto the ribbon. I bought the little candy canes at Michael's near the little wood section.

Next I filled a bunch of 1 x 8 inch tubes with assorted candy. You can order these 1 x8 inch bags off a variety of websites. I filled them with holiday m&m's, sour cherry candy, yogurt covered raisins and chocolate covered blueberries. I bought all the candy except for the m&m's at Sprouts.

Using the red organic lollipops from Trader Joe's I glued a little wreath on top of the lollipop wrapper.
I bought the little wreaths at Hobby Lobby - they were near the holiday stickers.

I filled some little bags with chocolate covered almonds. I bought the chocolate covered almonds at Trader Joe's. The bags and ribbon are from Michael's and the little bells are from Pier 1 Imports.

I also put some chocolate covered cherries in to little bags. These were so yummy - I ate a few while I was filling the bags. Actually I ate quite a bit of candy while I was working on all of these projects. Then I started to feel a little gross. So I stopped!

My last project was reindeer noses. I filled pretzel bags with a chocolate covered cherry and malt balls. I bought the cherry and malt balls at Sprouts. The ribbon and pretzel bags are from Michael's.

I hope you make one of these fun and easy projects. Be creative.