Saturday, September 8, 2012

Strawberry Cookies

I started making Apple cookies - but then I thought they turned out looking like Tomato cookies. Ugh! I also thought they looked a little like strawberries. So I decided to make them into strawberries.

I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe (see the sugar cookie recipe on my numbers cookie post December, 29, 2011). I bought the apple cookie cutter at Sur la Table for one dollar.

I usually use a frosting recipe from I am baker she has a great cookie frosting tutorial. If I happen to have meringue powder I will use the frosting recipe from Bake at 350. These are both great baking blogs.

The above picture shows how I outline the cookies and then flood them with the frosting.

It is really hard to get a good red icing. You have to add a ton of red gel food coloring.

After I added the green stem I felt like my apples looked liked tomatoes. Ugh! This is when I decided to make strawberries.

I added a little more green stem and melted a little milk chocolate and put it into a small zipper bag and sniped the tiniest hole and piped on the little seeds.

I think my strawberry cookies came out really cute. However, I am going to try to make apple cookies again! Because nothing says "back-to-school" like a strawberry cookie!