Monday, September 3, 2012

My Fall Bucket List

I am a huge list maker! I make a "to do" list every day. I make cleaning lists and grocery lists. I never wing it at the grocery store! I make holiday gift lists! I get great satisfaction by completing items on my list and crossing the items off! Making a list can reduce stress and focus the mind. I keep a grocery list on a downstairs tablet and on scratch paper upstairs. I combine the two lists before I go the grocery store. After I do a complete menu plan!

Lists help us remember things that we want to do! And a list can often keep you from procrastinating. So I have decided to make a Bucket List for each of the Four Seasons. This will help me to remember exactly what I want to accomplish! And you can see what types of posts I am planning.

1. Make apple cookies

2. Make an apple pie completely from scratch (Done)

3. Make a Fall themed centerpiece (Done)

4. Host a Fall dinner party and serve comfort food

5. Make Fall candy bark

6. Make mini apple bundt cakes

7. Make graham cracker back to school treats (Done)

8. Make dress or shoe cookies for Fashion Week (Done)

9. Make school bus treats (Done)

10. Make a Fall themed trail mix (Done)