Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dress Cookies in Honor of Fashion Week

I made these dress cookie using my favorite Sugar Cookie recipe and the icing recipe from i am baker. See the Strawberry cookie post. I was feeling lazy so I just used white icing. I tried to make a little blue icing to decorate the cookies - but I added a little too much gel paste then tried to thin it with milk and it came out to runny. Ugh!

However, now I can cross number 8 off my fall bucket list! Which was make dress shaped cookies for Fashion Week. Done!

I bought this dress cookie cutter in the wedding section at Michael's. It came in a little kit with a dress, shoe and kiss cookie cutters.

I was out of parchment paper so Noelle and I decorated the cookies on foil.

Noelle added the little pearls.

My hand was getting so tired from icing. And probably because it was stressful watching Andy Murray try to win the US Open. Yeah - he finally won two hours after I finished making the cookies. What a fantastic final. Of course I couldn't post these dress cookies until the next day because I was so involved in the match!

Noelle thought our cookies looked like wedding dresses. I think they look like party dresses.

This is a photo with the runny blue icing. Sometimes I get a little bummed because my cookies aren't perfect and my photography skills are awful. But then I think maybe I inspire others to try - because I make mistakes and keep on trying. But enough of that, now let us have a little Julie Andrews (or Fraline Maria) moment.

........Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes....

I love Fashion Week! Great job Andy Murray! And most important since today is 9/11 - God Bless America.