Saturday, September 22, 2012

Candy Corn Treats (with Candy Corn m&m's)

I noticed candy corn treats all over Pinterest. I wanted to do something original. I used m&m's in the candy corn package.

I bought the candy corn m&m's at Target. Hurry up and buy some before they are gone!

I am addicted to these clear tubes that I buy in the wedding aisle at Michael's (use a coupon). I have used them to package sunflower seeds for the baseball team and layer jelly beans at Easter time.

Project Items:

Clear plastic tubes
Candy corm m&m's
Scotch tape
Orange polka dot ribbon
Glue gun
Plastic candy corn


Make the plastic tubes. Using tape to adhere the bottom cardboard.

Organize the candy corn m&m's into separate bowls according to color. Then start layering the colors into the clear plastic tubes. Layer the yellow,  then orange and finish with the white. Tape the top cardboard piece on top of the clear tube.

Using a glue gun adhere the plastic candy corn decoration on the top of the tube. Also using the glue gun adhere the little orange ribbon around the top. I bought the plastic candy corn decorations at Hobby Lobby (with a coupon) and the ribbon was already in my craft cabinet. I am pretty sure that the ribbon was from Michael's.

These make great party favors, treats for the classroom, team or neighbors! And this will just be one of my candy corn ideas - I have another idea that I am working on!

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