Friday, June 3, 2011

Baseball Stress Balls, Clappers and Banners

I made some baseball stress balls, the parents in the stands are stressed out! They can squeeze these little balls for some stress relief!

I wrote stress! on the balls with a red sharpie and laid them out on a tray overnight to dry.

I also bought some baseball clappers.

Last week at a semi-final playoff game someone on another team had a big horn and my husband asked me to get him a giant horn (I think he was just kidding around). Those horns are obnoxious!

I also bought some Angel banners to decorate the stands. My son had a fever and severe flu symptoms and did not get to play in the teams big playoff game  Angels vs. Diamondbacks. Yes, this produced a few tears. But his team won! And now they get to go to the Tournament of Champions. He is feeling better and gets to play in the Tournament - so all is well.

Go Angels!