Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Father's Day Hershey Bars

Today I made some Father's Day Hershey Bars. If your Dad likes a different type of candy bar - by all means wrap his favorite candy bar and decorate it with a necktie.

So I had a this great idea to decorate the Hershey Bars with neckties for Father's Day treats. How to draw a necktie? It seemed so easy - yet my ties were too small, too large, lopsided and not looking like men's ties at all!

Finally I drew some ties that worked on the Hershey Bar with the help of a straight edge and a ruler. This took me long time - because apparently basic art is very difficult for me!

I completely wrapped the Hershey Bar in red wrapping paper and used some scrapbook paper to cut out the ties.

This would be a cute gift for your kids to make for Dad!

This time I wrapped the Hershey Bars so that the brown ends are showing.

If you don't have any scrapbook paper - find some coordinating wrapping paper.

This is what the larger ties look like! This would also be a great treat - if someone gets a new job, promotion, raise etc. I hope you have better luck drawing your ties!