Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Football Brownies - Two Ways!

Today I made football brownies. First make a 9 x 13 pan of your favorite brownie mix.

Then cut the brownies out with a football shaped cookie cutter. Then frost the brownies with chocolate frosting and pipe on the white laces.

These are so simple to make and everyone will be amazed at your creativity.  Tip: be sure to cut the brownies out with the cookie cutter and then frost them. The other way around is to messy!

Now another fun football brownie idea is to cut the brownies into squares and frost them. Then cut Andes candies into football shapes and add little candy sprinkles to make the laces.

This was also an easy project! Plus I love Andes mints and when I goofed up cutting the football shape- I just popped the opps! into my mouth.

Okay - in order to get the little white sprinkles to stay on the Andes mint I scored the Andes mint with a paring knife. Then I slowly and softly pushed the sprinkle into the little indentation.

This is another easy brownie project! If you make one of these easy projects - everyone will be in awe of your Super Bowl creativity.

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