Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Headbands

Today Noelle and I made Valentine headbands for her to give to friends tomorrow. Yesterday Noelle bought some pink and purple jelly headbands at Walgreens. And I bought some Super Glue and felt hearts at Michael's.

They were super easy to make - we just added a dab of Super Glue to the back of the heart and pressed the headband on the glue.

Headbands like this are all over Etsy. But it is more fun to make your own! Then you can say "I made this for you!"

Although these were super easy to make - we did get some Super Glue on our fingers. Super Glue is really strong! We were able to rid our fingers of the Super Glue with nail polish remover and hot soapy water.

I am going to make some sports themed headbands next week - so keep checking back! However, I have learned a valuable lesson and I am going to wear surgical gloves the next time I work with Super Glue!