Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Trail Mix for Kids

Today I made Valentine Trail Mix to bring to Christian's class Valentine party.  It is a wonderfully sweet and colorful mix!

First I sorted through two boxes of Fruit Loops and put all of the pink and purple Fruit Loops in a bowl.

I love the smell of Fruit Loops! I just want to put the Fruit Loops in a bowl with some milk - NO! I must focus! I am making Trail Mix.

Then add a bag or a couple of cans of salted peanuts.

Now add three bags of freeze dried strawberries. Note: I bought the above dried strawberries at Target.

Once again - I sorted cereal! I pulled out all of the mini pink marshmallows from the Shining Stars cereal.

Isn't this colorful?

The above recipe makes approximately 36 bags of Trail Mix! I think this will be a hit with the kids!
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