Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Soccer Themed Gift Wrap

My son doesn't play soccer anymore - he loves basketball and baseball. But some of his friends play soccer. So I made a soccer themed gift for the party he is going to on Friday.

Okay - so I put the Gamestop gift card inside of a soccer themed picture frame and added some soccer candy and a soccer Christmas ornament.

I am planning on using the other candies for a basketball friends party and the baseball team.

I bought the frame in the dollar section at Target. But the frame was $2.50 - so I don't know why it was in the dollar section.

I just wrapped everything up in cellophane and tied it with a green ribbon (the color of the frame).

I found a little soccer ball Christmas ornament in my craft cabinet and tied that onto the package. I think this makes our gift card look really fun.