Saturday, May 26, 2012

Indy 500 Cookies

Gentleman start your engines...... I made Indy 500 sugar cookies!

I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe. See the recipe on my number cookie post (December 29, 2011).
Using my ABC and number cookie cutters I cut out "Indy 500."

I decorated the cookies two ways! My son wanted checkerboard cookies and bright colored cookies.

First I will explain the checkerboard cookies. Spread the cookies with melted white chocolate. Once the chocolate is dry you can melt some milk chocolate and put it in a zipper bag. Snip a small end off and start making a grid and outlining the letters and numbers.

I usually decorate my cookies on parchment paper - but in the middle of this project I ran out of parchment paper! So I used foil! I am almost out of sugar also!

Once the grid design was dry - I went back in and made the checkerboard design. I took this photo with my left hand because my right hand was covered in chocolate.

I think they came out really cute! But don't look too close!

I also made some with bright colored sprinkles.

I just spread the cookie with some melted white chocolate and sprinkled them with bright colored sprinkles.

These will be great snacks tomorrow while watching the Indy 500! With a big glass of milk!

We miss you Dan Wheldon.

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