Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sixth Grade Bible Study - This Week is on the Life and Travels of St. Paul

We only have two more sixth grade Bible study classes! What a fun year we have had! This week we are going to study the life and travels of St. Paul. So I bought the kids some St. Paul medals - I ordered them on line from a make your own Rosary type website. I think it would be really special to make your own Rosary. But we have a lot of boys in our class and I feel it might be a little too crafty and overwhelming for them! I know the girls in the class would have loved it!

No! The medals did not come like this! I strung them on thin white ribbon and laid them on the dining room table and when I picked them up to put in a basket they were a tangled mess.

So I decided to package them individually. At first I put them in little bags - then I added the striped piece of scrapbook paper.

At first I had them with the ribbon wrinkled on the front. Messy. Right? So I pushed the extra ribbon on the backside of the striped to make the project look a lot neater.

Now I can put my St. Paul medals in a basket. These can be used as a necklace, bookmark or a decorative accent in the kids room on a bulletin board or doorknob. Also they will be easier to pass out in this type of packaging.

I am going to try to make some special cross shaped treats for the class this week! I have already made cross cookies and cross lollipops. So check back if you want to find out the new cross treats that I will be making!