Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Handbag Gift Tags

I mailed my last bunch of handbag gift cards to a sorority sister who was doing a good deed. So I made some more while my husband and son were at the Long Beach Grand Prix. I always use extra scraps of paper.

I have some orange wrapping paper and I think these would look fantastic on orange wrapping paper with black and white ribbon.

I also have some solid yellow wrapping paper to use with these tags! If it was a large package these would look cute taped all over the package.

I don't have any lavender wrapping paper! Shocked? I know! But I think these would look cute on white or silver wrapping paper. Yes, I have both colors! They would also look cute glued onto a greeting card. Be creative and send me pictures of your handbag gift tags made from extra pieces of scrapbook paper.

I used little adhesive rhinestones to decorate the purses and little pieces of pearl ribbon for the handle.