Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baseball Party Favors - Baseball Rocks!

I made these little Baseball Rocks! Treat bags for the team when it is my turn to bring snack next week.

Each bag includes a bag of Pop Rocks with a Baseball Rocks handmade tag.

And includes a package of baseball cards!

I also included a Hershey bar that I wrapped in baseball themed wrapping paper and I used the party blowers to decorate the bags.

I used grosgrain ribbon to tie the treat bag. I made the baseball rocks tag with a circle cutter on an index card and used markers to make the lines.

I think the boys will really like this treat - Pop Rocks, Baseball Cards and a Hershey Bar! My son really loves playing baseball! And so does the rest of our family!

You could do this treat for amy sport! I bought the Pop Rocks and blowers at Party City, the Hershey bars were on sale at Walgreens and the baseball cards were purchased at Target. Of course the cellophane bags and ribbon were purchased at Michael's. When I was at Target I noticed that they had trading cards for every sport even Hockey and Wrestling. Be creative and make some fun treat bags for your kids sports teams!