Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baseball Bats and Balls

Today I am bringing some baseball bat and ball cookies to pass out to the Angels! My son Christian is an Angel! Go Angels!

I made these bat and ball cookies over a two day period! The first day I made the dough - refrigerated the dough for a few hours and then rolled out the dough to cut the bats and balls. I used the sugar cookie recipe from my numbers cookie post on December 29th, 2011.

The bats break pretty easily - make more than you need.

To make small baseballs I used a device that I use to make apples into candles - it was the perfect size.

Here is a picture of my dough - baseball bat cookies cutter and the little devise I found to cut out the small baseballs. Although right about now I am thinking that a Vanilla Wafer might have been the right size and saved me a lot of grief. I baked the bats for about six minutes and the baseballs about three minutes.

Then I put the bats and balls on wire racks to cool.

The very next day - very early in the morning I frosted the cookies and it was a little difficult because I was dealing with such small items and in the process I broke a few bats!

Here is the frosting recipe I used -


4 cups powdered sugar
1/3 cup butter, melted
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 tablespoons of milk

Combine all of the above ingredients and whisk until everything is combined. If the icing is to runny add a few more tablespoons of powered sugar. If the icing is too thick add another tablespoon or two of milk.

First I used the white icing on the baseballs. Then I tinted the icing brown and used it on the bats. I added little brown jimmies near the baseball bat handle. Then I melted some red chocolate tabs and put it in a pipping bag with a very small snip and made the red lines.

I had to let everything set and dry for about four hours before I packaged them! I knew the bats would break in a standard baggie so I added a piece of heavy green scrapbook paper to the back of the cellophane bag and used a piece of tape to secure the bag.

I used green paper because green is the color of the field and I had a lot of green paper for some reason. Perhaps leftover from St. Patrick's day crafts?  I hope the Angels win today! We have been fraught with injuries!

These cookies would make great party favors for a birthday party, tailgate function or for Father's Day!

Today we went to Tommy Bahama for brunch and while my husband and son went to check out the surfboards at Jack's I went into Sur la Table and bought a mitt cookie cutter for a dollar.  So keep checking back! I will be making some mitt cookies in the next few weeks.