Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sailing By To Say Hi

One of the many things my Mom does is to help Meals on Wheels on a monthly basis. My Dad hasn't been feeling well lately and my Mom has been taking care of him. So I took over one of her one of her responsibilities for Meals on Wheels.

Every month she makes a special little handmade card and the lady in charge of Meals on Wheels told my Mom that many of the recipients save the little cards and have them displayed on their mantle or a side table.

While watching Wimbledon I made 50 little sailboat cards. Side note: I was sad when Maria lost today. But brokenhearted when Roger lost. Then all the commentators are like when will Roger retire? Ease up on Roger!

I folded 50 index cards - then using some wavy scissors - cut out the blue ocean. Then I made the little navy blue boat. Then I had to stop and watch Maria play. Then I started cutting out the yellow sails.

I used a glue stick to adhere everything to the index cards. Then I had to stop and focus on Roger's match.

Then I put a small amount of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish in a little bag.

On the inside of each card I wrote "Sailing by to say hi!"

Once the Wimbledon matches were over - I quickly taped the little Goldfish bags to the back of each card.

Although I made these for Meals on Wheels - I think these would make cute Invitations for a Summer BBQ or Pool Party.