Thursday, July 4, 2013

Star Sugar Cookies

I started making some Star Sugar Cookies for the Fourth of July. So I made the Star Shaped Sugar Cookies and then I took my son to the beach.

So far our summer has been like this - beach, pool, pool, beach, tennis courts, beach, batting cages, basketball, pool, beach, beach, Big Air (trampoline) pool, beach, pool.

It has been difficult to do much in the way of crafts and cooking. Plus in my spare time I need to watch Wimbledon! P.S. Could Chris Everet  be any more in love with Serena Williams?

Finally a day later I started decorating the cookies. I used a jelly roll type pan to decorate the cookies. This way the excess sprinkles stay in the pan - not all over the counters and floor.

I also used melted white chocolate to frost the cookies and then a variety of my red, white and blue sprinkles to decorate them.

So for this recipe just make your favorite sugar cookie recipe (or use one of mine - see the label "cookies" on the right hand side).

You will also need some white chocolate to melt and a variety of red, white and blue sprinkles.

I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July!