Saturday, July 13, 2013

Christian's Bedroom Redo! Which was Long Overdue!

I finally got around to redecorating Christian's room. I still need David to come over and add some crown moulding. But his arm is injured and he is unable to work right now. So I will show you the room redo without the crown moulding.

I had the room painted the same color that the playroom is painted. We bought a new bed, mattress and bedding. And I edited the accessories. Christian loves auto racing, basketball and baseball. So I reorganized his favorite basketball, baseball and auto racing accessories. 

Todd started taking down the bunk beds before I could take a proper "before" picture.

Another "before" picture. Do you like the stickers on the top bunk bed rail?

We gave the baseball pinball game to one of Christian's friends little brother. When the little brother has been to our house he always played the baseball pinball game. I sold the baseball bedding at the neighborhood garage sale.

I am so bummed out that my husband started taking everything apart before I could get some good before pictures. But I think you get the idea - the room was painted baby blue with bunk beds and baseball themed quilts, pillows and accessories.

So here are the "new" pictures. I kept  the dresser, bookcase and nightstand.

Over the bed we hung a big basketball net!

On top of the bookcase - a collection of Angel bobble heads.

The basketball hoop on the door to Christian's room.

A fun new chair to sit in and study? I think he likes his new room. Who knows?