Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Because Friendship is Sweet Party Favors

Today I made some party favors for my friend Joy's birthday party - I have been friends with her for over 25 years.

Her favorite sweet treat is chocolate covered almonds. And the party is at an Italian restaurant so I used all of my red and green papers, ribbons and little flowers to decorate the chocolate covered almonds packages.

Because the almonds are so large I used a 4 x 6 inch bag and stapled a piece of scrapbook paper over each almond filled plastic bag.

Because Joy has so many special friends - I decided to write "Because friendship is Sweet" on a sticker label.

I had a lot of red and green scrapbook paper but in a pinch you could use pieces of wrapping paper. 

I must agree with Joy - chocolate covered almonds are delicious. I ate quite a few while I was making these! And my husband will be happy because I ended up buying about 1/2 pound extra of the chocolate covered almonds.

 Once I was finished with the chocolate covered almond bags - I found a basket to display them!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Joy - every day is a gift! I am looking forward to your party!