Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Red, White and Blue Table Setting

My Dad's birthday is June 14th - which is also "Flag Day." So each year when he comes over for his birthday dinner - I decorate the table in red, white and blue. Oh and of course some Flags!

That is my Dad's gift - wrapped in Flag paper! And although you really can't see it - I used some toothpick Flags to decorate the middle of the bow!

I love red, white and blue! It is so festive!

I made Pillsbury Flag cookies and set the dish on an upside down red, white and blue bowl.

This is a close-up of each place setting. I used a blue star toothpick to decorate each napkin.

The chandelier is also decorated with Flags and red, white and blue!

This table setting would be perfect for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. Of course I would move move everything to the backyard.