Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chocolate and Caramel Drizzled Croissants

Okay - so I wanted to make homemade croissants - but when I looked up how to make them from scratch it took four days and a million steps to make 12 croissants. Ugh!

So in honor of the French Open - which I am loving this year! Such great matches! I went out yesterday and practiced my serve! It is all about the serve! However, I digress. If I were in France I would have a chocolate croissant every morning for breakfast. Because French women don't get fat.

So I improvised and used croissants from the bakery. I filled them with chocolate and drizzled them with carmel and chocolate.

Don't these look fantastic? And so easy to make!

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Then split your bakery store croissants in half and add a tablespoon of semi-sweet chocolate chips on the bottom half of each croissant.  Put the croissants back together and bake for 3 minutes.

Once the croissants have cooled in about 15 minutes or so - melt about ten caramels and put the melted caramel in a ziplock bag and snip off a small end and drizzle over the croissants. Let the caramel set for about ten minutes.

Now melt some milk chocolate and put it in a zipper top bag - snipping a small end off and drizzle over the croissant. Let the chocolate set for about ten minutes. Then you can take the croissants and place them on a serving platter!

I would love it if you left a comment. And signed up to be a follower! This would be a really cute gift to make for a friend, teacher or neighbor combined with a Starbucks gift card. Let me know if you make these croissants!

I hope Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer win the French Open. Who do you want to win?