Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween S'more Peep Treats

Today I made some Halloween S'more Peep treats. I know that many of you made these with Easter Peeps.

In a plastic bag you add two Graham Cracker squares, a Hershey bar and a ghost Peep. I recommend the ghost Peep instead of the pumpkin Peep. The ghost Peeps pull apart easier and fit perfectly next to the Hershey bar.

On the back of the Graham Cracker I put a piece of orange paper with the s'more directions.

Isn't this an easy idea? Make these for all your Peeps.

Another tip is to tie your plastic bag with an orange ribbon. I happened to find the orange polka dot ribbon in my ribbon box. Score! At first I tied the bags with black ribbon and it made the s'more kits look a little blah. The orange ribbon really makes the treat POP!

I also used an orange paper to write the directions. I cut the paper with my scallop paper cutter and it was almost the exact size of the Graham Cracker! I just love it when things work out perfectly! Boo!