Sunday, October 2, 2011

Candy Men

Today I made some Candy Men. This is a super easy Halloween treat!

I have been making Candy Men since my daughter (currently 18) was in pre-school. And I have been making them for classroom, sports teams and Religion class treats ever since. All you need is candy and a glue gun.

First try to find some Candy Man heads wrapped in foil - they are by Palmers and I have found them at Target and Ralph's. Then you just need a box type candy for the body. Milk Duds, Nerds, Mike and Ikes all come in mini boxes. For the arms and legs use Smarties, Sixlets, Toostie Rolls.

These Candy Men use a mini box of raisins for the body and Smarties for the legs and Marvels for the arms.

I always use boxes of Junior Mints - because I love Junior Mints and I always eat a box or two while I am making these! If you were making Candy Lady treats for all girls - little boxes of Nerds come in pink and purple!

The above bodies are actually mini boxes of Halloween tattoos.  The legs are Halloween colored Sixlets. However, I think the multi-colored Sixlets also look really cute on Candy Men!

Use your imagination in the Halloween Candy aisle!  Make sure that you buy enough candy to make your desired number of Candy Men. You can always place the extra candy in your candy bucket that you pass out to the Trick or Treaters.

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