Saturday, October 15, 2011

Candy Corn Garland

Today I made a Candy Corn Garland for my dining room chandelier. I Googled some sites about making Candy Corn Garlands and most of them suggested stringing the Candy Corn much like you would string popcorn at Christmas time. Then I read on the Homestories a2z blog It said that she used a glue gun to adhere the Candy Corn to twine. I have a glue gun! I have two different types of twine! Soooooo I decided to use the glue gun method.

While your glue gun is heating up - pour the Candy Corn in a bowl and separate the candy corn into two categories - the useable Candy Corn and the broken and misshapen Candy Corn into another pile.

Once I started glueing the Candy Corn to the twine - I realized that the backside of the garland was unsightly. Sooooo I had to glue the Candy Corn on the front of the twine and then flip it over and glue another piece of Candy Corn to the backside.

This took me a really long time, I had to take several breaks.

Do you see how the backside of the garland is messy? And I had to add another piece of Candy Corn to the backside.

When I was in the middle of the project I measured the garland - so that I knew how long I needed to make the garland.

Then I tied the top area of the garland with yellow satin ribbon and orange polka dot ribbon.

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