Friday, December 9, 2016

Sledding Down the Slopes - A Sled Ornament Day 9 of the Twelve Days of Ornaments

These ornaments are simple and fun to make especially if yu buy the prepainted popsicle sticks.

Supply List:

Painted popscile sticks

Mini craft sticks

Standard color popscicle sticks

Hot glue gun

Glue sticks


Small paint brush



Holiday stickers (optional)


Layout 5 painted poppsicle sticks in a staggered design and glue them together with hot glue. Note: instead of painting the popsicle sticks - they can be purchased in packs of colors already painted. I have also noticed that Pinterest crafters cover the popsicle sticks with Washi tape.

Then hot glue two mini popsicle sticks at the top and bottom of the sled.

Hot glue the sled blades on each side.

Wait for everything to dry before turning the sled over.

Once everything is dry a holiday sticker can be added to the front of the sled and a twine or ribbon loop can be glued onto the underside of the sled.

See you on the slopes! Merry Christmas!