Thursday, December 8, 2016

Back at the Lodge Ski Ornaments - Day 8 of the Twelve Days of Ornaments

I made these ornaments last year also. They are so simple to make and look fantastic on the Christmas tree or tied onto gift packages.

Supply List:

popsicle sticks


paint brush



thin ribbon



glue gun

glue sticks


Paint the popsicle sticks in a color that matches your Christmas themed colors. You can also buy pre-painted popsicle sticks.

After the paint dries glue two popsicle sticks togather to resemble crossed ski's.

Hot glue a metal snap to the end of each toothpick.

 At the top of the toothpick glue a small ribbon or twine resemble the ski pole handles.

Glue a toothpick pole to one of the ski's and cross the other ski pole over it and glue into place.

Glue a piece of ribbon or twine to the back of the ornament. 

See you at the Ski Lodge! Merry Christmas!