Saturday, March 5, 2016

Shamrock Pins

I am making these Shamrock pins because I am substitute teaching 3rd grade Religion class this week.  These Shamrock Pins can be used to teach the Holy Trinity or just for fun to give out on St. Patrick's Day.

Supply List:

green pipe cleaners

green pony beads


glue gun and glue sticks

small bar pin


Put the pony bead in the middle of the pipe cleaner.

Thread the right side of the pipe cleaner back through the pony bead.

Tread the left side of the pipe cleaner through the pony bead.

Thread the long end back through the pony bead to make the third loop.

Cut the stem so that the shamrock is in proportion.

Once all the shamrocks have been made heat up the glue gun.

Glue the bar pin to the back of the Shamrock Pin.

These shamrocks can be made really small to glue on a barrette or headband. They can also be glued onto a long skewer and added to a bouquet. 

The Trinity

Just like the leaves on each shamrock I see there are three parts of the Holy Trinity. First is God the Father, then Jesus his only Son and the Holy Spirit together as one.