Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Preparing to Substitute Teach 3rd Grade Religion

I painted the kids a St. Patrick peg doll. I started painting these on Saturday and finished them this morning.

I am not an artist but I try my best!

I wrapped some Hershey bars in shamrock scrapbokk paper and I always add a sticker with what we have learned in class for the kids to take home.

I found these gold labels in my craft cabinet.

Also I tell the kids they only get the Hershey bar to take home if they pay attention and it works every time! 

I also printed out some pictures of St. Patrick for the kids to color, and everyone gets a shamrock pipecleaner pin. The kids are also going to confession during class time. The Gospel reading that we will focus on is John 8:1-11. 

I also have some gold and white striped napkins, shamrock cookies, and cups for milk. The shamrock pipecleaner pins are in the ziplock bag in the top right corner. #prepared.