Thursday, March 17, 2016

Substitute Teaching 1st Grade Religion Class This Week

This week the class is learning about St. Patrick, Holy week and Easter. Here are some fun things that I made the class this week!

I made these little St. Patrick's day cookies for the class out of Milanos!

I used Mint Milano's. 

Using some white chocolate tinted green dip the top third of the cookie into the green chocolate. I use gel food coloring - it gives a deeper color.

Dip the bottom half of the cookie into some melted white chocolate. Put the rest of the melted chcolate into a zipper top bag and snip off a very small corner and use it to make the white cross on the green hat and add a small drop to adhere mini chocolate chips for the eyes and nose.  Let the cookies completely dry before stacking them.

I also thought it might be fun to add coconut to the white beard. Sadly I was out of coconut.

I made these little Easter treats for the kids to take home. The bracelet is from Hobby Lobby.

I simply added the bracelet and a little Rice Crispy treat into a little bag and tied them with a ribbon.

The kids loved the little take home treat. We did lots of crafts, coloring, reading and activities! I come home so tired! First graders have a lot of energy.

I started preparing for the class - with a bag of Andes Candy, bag of shamrock pipe cleaner pins, tuperware with St. Patrick cookies, coloring sheets, cups for milk and Irish napkins. I set everything up on the dining room table (we usually eat in the kitchen). #prepared