Friday, March 11, 2016

Stations of the Cross - My Third Set

This year during  Lent - I have made 3 different sets of the Stations of the Cross. All of them have different pictures. This set is on cork and other two sets were made with mosaic stones and badge pins.

I had a big bag of these round corks in my craft cabinet. I don't even remember buying them. I wonder what I was going to make with them?

But I wanted to make an extra set of the Stations of the Cross and thought they would be the perfect size for some Stations of the Cross pictures that I had. 

So I found some number stickers at Hobby Lobby.

And I  labeled the back of each round cork with the numbers 1 - 15.

Because I am planning on using these in a classroom scenario - I decied to Modge Podge the numbers.

I let the Modge Podge dry and went to fold some laundry.

Then I Modge Podged the correct picture onto the correct number. I let them dry on a paper plate.

Once the pictures the front were dry - I hot glued some pearl ribbon around the edges. The third set is complete.

 I hope some of these posts inspire you to make your own sets!