Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine Vases Made Out of Tin Cans

Today I made some Valentine vases out of tin cans. We really don't eat a lot of canned food at our house. But whenever I use something from a can - I remove the label and rinse out the can. Then I run the can through the dishwasher. Since Christmas I have only used 5 cans - so in keeping with the reuse, recycle, repurpose mantra - I made 5 Valentine vases.

I wrapped the tin cans in some leftover Christmas wrapping paper.

Then I just glue gunned some ribbon (also left over from Christmas) to the top and bottom of the can.

Then I glue gunned some red heart Rhinestones on the vases. I am actually planning on putting little treats inside my vases for my neighborhood friends. So you will also see these in a later post.

However these would also make sweet little vases for flowers.