Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Little Felt Easter Chicks For Meals on Wheels

I made over 50 of these little felt chicks for  Meals on Wheels little Easter treats. There are many steps to this project - I work on it sporadically. Mostly when I have workmen at the house or I am waiting for the workmen.

They say that making crafts can be beneficial to your health. Crafting can reduce your stress level. I enjoy crafting while I watch my favorite television shows.

Supply List:

Yellow felt

Orange felt

Two circle items to trace

Black pen


Black beads

Yellow embroidery thread

Large needle

 Trace a small juice glass (about 1/1/2" inches) on to the yellow felt and carefully cut out the circles with your sharpest scissors.

For each chick you will need two yellow circles.

On the orange felt trace a quarter. For every chick you want to make - you will need one orange circle.

Draw a line down the middle of each circle. Start cutting the circles out.

Once all the orange circles are cut out - they need to be cut in half.

Each chick needs two yellow pieces - a top and bottom. On the top piece sew on a black bead for the eye and an orange wing.

When I sewed the beak on I cut the black marks off the orange piece.

On the bottom piece fold the other half of the orange circle in half and spread out a little and sew on the little beak.

Sew the top and bottom pieces together. Use a simple running stitch.  These would look cute glued on barrettes, headbands or Easter baskets. They would also be adorable made into a banner.