Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY Hair Ties

These hair ties are all over Etsy. They also sell them at stores like Anthropology and Sephora. But you can make your own hair ties in holiday or team colors.

You will need 5/8 inch elastic. I bought my elastic at JoAnne's Fabric and it was located by the button section at the JoAnne's by my house.

The directions are so easy! Cut the elastic to about 8 inches in length. Cut the ends on a diagonal. Use your sharpest scissors. Seal the ends with some clear nail polish. Once the nail polish has dried simply fold the elastic in half and tie with a knot.

To package the hair ties - I cut some cardboard in to 2 inch strips and the hair ties fit perfectly. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I save pieces of cardboard. But you might have a piece of super heavy card stock or scrapbook paper.

These would be cute party favors for a slumber party. Or a craft that the sleepover girls can make. They can also be made in team colors for your daughters sports team. And could be made for Valentine's Day treats in pink, red and white. Or Easter in pastels! The possibilities are endless.