Saturday, January 11, 2014

Valentine Maze Cards for Meals on Wheels

I am making 50 of these cards for the Meals on Wheels that services the San Clemente area. It has taken  me forever to make just 10 cards - but I have quite a bit of time before Valentine's Day.

For this Project you will need:

Valentine mazes

Scrapbook paper in red and pink, solids and prints

Large and medium circle punches



Unlined index cards

I bought a big pack of 50 Valentine mazes at Party City for $5.99. But I recently saw some heart shaped Valentine mazes at Michael's. I had everything else in my craft cabinet.

I sorted through my scrapbook paper pile (p.s. I don't scrapbook - I just use the scrapbook paper for crafts) and found all sorts of red and pink papers. Then I punched a large scalloped circle and a medium circle and taped them together. Then I taped the Valentine mazes on top of the small circle.

This took a lot of tape!

Once this step was finished I taped the Maze circle to an index card.

Notice how the large circle is hanging off the index card? I had to put the large circle there so that the message would fit at the bottom of the card. Then I typed up a little message - I used a large font with a big space because these are going to elderly recipients.

I taped the little message on to a pice of scrapbook paper before I taped it to the index card.

I had originally planned to make these during the Australian Open  (tennis tournament) - which starts on Monday. Because I like to craft while I watch tennis. Yes, I am a multi-tasker! Jealous? But I have two other craft projects to work on during the tournament.

These would be really cute cards to make for a sports team, club or classroom. I have always loved these little mazes. I also saw some mini Valentine rubic cubes at Michael's.

Because I was using all sorts of red and pink pieces of scrapbook paper - every card came out a little different!

I hope this gives you a "non-candy" Valentine idea!

I hope that you also have an Amazing Valentine's Day!