Thursday, May 16, 2013

Party Favors for Lisa's Birthday Lunch

I made some little party favors for a birthday lunch that I am going to tomorrow.  Some little floral bouquets and small bags of Churro Bites. I can't stop making Churro Bites. Click on the Cinco de Mayo label (the labels are on the right hand side) and you can find the easy recipe!

I will start with the little floral bouquets. I put them in little jelly jars and decorated the jelly jars with ribbon and adhesive pearls. I bought the flowers at Trader Joe's.

Using some double stick tape I adhered the ribbon the the jelly jar and added three adhesive pearls. The ribbon and pearls just give the bouquet that "something extra."

Everyone can take the jelly jar bouquet home by placing it in the cup holder in their car! Bouquets in the same color palette always look really classic.

Is it a party favor - if it doesn't include a sweet treat? So I put some Churro Bites into little bags and tied them with coordinating ribbon that matched the bouquet ribbon.

But wait! I decided to jazz up the Churro Bite packaging by adding the adhesive pearls to the center of the ribbon and on the sides. Because I like things a little jazzy!

I hope this gives you some fun ideas for the next time you host a party or just want to bring a treat to a restaurant party. If you don't have any jelly jars - save your soup cans - remove the labels and add the the ribbon or some twine- it will be adorable!


Everyone liked the little bouquets and Churro bites!