Saturday, May 25, 2013

Basketball Rice Crispy Treats For the Basketball Team

These were super simple to make because I used store bought Rice Crispy Treats. I was under a time crunch - so I simply did not have enough time to make the Rice Crispy Treats.

Remove the wrappers from the Rice Crispy Treats and set them out on apiece of parchment paper.

Using a rolling pin flatten out each Rice Crispy Treat and cut out the flattened treat with a round cookie cutter.

Melt the orange Wilton candy melts and spread  the melted chocolate over the Rice Crispy Treat - then sprinkle with some orange sugar.

Melt some milk chocolate and put the melted chocolate into a small zipper bag. Twist the chocolate to one end and snip a very small hole. Pipe the basketball lines - the lines don't need to be perfect because the boys eat these in thirty seconds flat.