Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good-bye Granola Party Favor

I made a little Good-bye Granola treat - two of our neighborhood friends are moving away and there is a little breakfast to say goodbye tomorrow. So I decided to make some small party favors. We are all sad that they are leaving.

First I made a big batch of homemade granola. If you need a granola recipe - scroll down to the labels on the right hand side and click on the granola link and it will take you to the Granola recipe. I guess in a pinch you could use store bought granola.

Once the granola was completely cooled I put two big scoops into a 3 x 5" plastic bag. I bought the bags in a package of 100 from Michael's.  Then I cut out some brown scrapbook paper toppers. I folded the topper in half and stapled it to the top of the plastic bag.

Now you will need some labels, twine or ribbon and a pearl or rhinestone. I bought the labels and the pearls from Michael's. I had the brown scrapbook paper and twine in my craft supply closet.

I decided to write "Happy Trails" instead of "Good-Bye Granola." But I think these would also make a fun Graduation party favor - you could write "Graduation Granola."

Tie a bunch of twine or ribbon into little bows. Note: while I was doing this my husband was watching "Black Hawk Down" in surround sound and my whole house felt like it was under sniper attack. Yes, I was annoyed.

Heat up your hot glue gun and glue the little bow above the label and add the little adhesive pearl.

I think they came out really cute!

The brown paper with the twine has a rustic feel - the pearl is a little unexpected touch. Once the bags are lined up you can see how cute they would be to use for a Graduation Brunch or Father's Day Breakfast party favors.

If you decide to make this party favor for a Graduation Brunch - use scrapbook paper, ribbon and rhinestones in your school colors.

Goodbye - Adriana and Julie - you will be missed.