Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heart Shaped Christmas Ornaments

I love filling the glass balls with colored beads, pearls, red hots, candy corn etc.  Today I filled some heart shaped ornaments with red beads.

You can get the heart shaped ornaments at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. They are often on sale or use a coupon. Look around for small items that you can use to fill the glass balls. Then you just need some coordinating ribbon and ornament hooks.

I am making these for Christmas - but they would also be darling Valentine'S Day decorations.

Why am I showing you Christmas ornaments - before Thanksgiving? Well I thought this might be a fun project to make with the kids over the Thanksgiving holiday and you can buy your supplies now before life gets crazy.

First remove the little silver top and fill the heart with red beads. Then carefully put the silver top back on the bead filled heart.

Tie a little bow on top of the silver loop at the top of the ornament and then add the ornament hook.

These are also cute tied onto your Christmas packages. I love tying ornaments onto packages. It is like an additional little gift.