Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Themed Rice Crispy Treats on Lollipop Sticks

These were super easy to make because I used store bought Rice Crispy Treats and cut them in half.

Then melt some chocolate and stick the lollipop stick in the melted chocolate and then into the Rice Crispy Treat. Once the chocolate has hardened dip the whole Rice Crispy Treat into the melted chocolate and sprinkle with fall themed sprinkles.

I place the lollipops on parchment paper to dry.

Once they are completely dry - place them into little bags and tie them with a little twine.

I made 14 Rice Crispy Treat lollipops in about one half hour. Then I cleaned up and set out my packaging supplies and about 45 minutes later I was able to package the treats. I actually was making these for the Habitat for Humanity boutique. So I wanted to package them in a really cute manner so I tied a little bow.

To recap for this project you need -

Rice Crispy Treats - store bought or homemade

Chocolate melting tabs

Fall themed sprinkles

Lollipop sticks

Parchment paper

Small plastic bags

Twine or fall colored ribbon

This is a cute Thanksgiving or fall themed party favor or place setting idea. Everyone loves Rice Crispy Treats! You can buy everything you need except for the Rice Crispy Treats at a craft store.