Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chick Pops

Today I made some Chick Pops for Lisa's birthday - because she is a hot chick!

Chantell got me the Bakerella Cake Pop book for my birthday. Bakerella is my idol/hero. Chantell I love this book!

So I decided to make the Chick Pops for Lisa's Birthday - the Chick Pop directions are on page 53 for the book.

Then I found a sprinkle kit for Chick Pop's at Ralph's.

I bought the yellow candy melts at Michael's.

It helps to have a styrofoam block to set the cake pops in while they dry.

First make some cake balls (see the cake ball tutorial in the December 2010 post). Then dip the lollipop stick in a little melted chocolate then push the lollipop into the cake ball.  Now dip the cake balls into the yellow melted chocolate and let dry. Once the yellow chocolate is completely hardened using a small black frosting pipe two eyes on each of the cake balls.

Then I take a toothpick and dip it into the melted chocolate and apply a little melted chocolate in the nose area and adhere the orange nose.

Once the nose is dry - use the toothpick to put melted chocolate where the feet belong and adhere the feet.

I am going to let these dry overnight - then I will carefully put them in tupperware to bring to the lunch tomorrow.