Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine Decorations

I started putting out my Valentine decorations! I love Valentine's Day - it is such a simple holiday all about love, hearts, sweets, cards and flowers!

I absolutely love red and white it is so cheerful!

I just reused some of my red pots that I always use at Christmas for my Valentine Gerber daisy's and round topiaries. I can keep a topiary alive for a really long time. You need to water them really well at least once a week and make sure that they are placed in an area of the home where they get indirect light.

My friend Tina bought me all of these polka dot bowls out of the blue one day - because she knew I would like them and that they matched my dining room. What a thoughtful friend.

Good luck with all of your Valentine decorating. Send me a picture and I will post your decorations!