Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Basketball Cookie Treats

I made more basketball cookies for the team. I was under a time crunch because baseball has started and I have been busy with organizing a basketball team party, 6th grade Bible study class, making care packages for my college girl etc. Oh and I need to buy the basketball coaches gift cards from the team and I am helping my sorority alumni group with a project. Since I don't work I like to keep really busy!

First make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut out 2 inch circles. Cool the cookies and then you can start the decorating process.

 I decided to use tinted white chocolate to frost the cookies because chocolate dries really fast. But I was almost out of red food coloring (probably because of Valentine's Day) so my chocolate was more peach colored. Not a problem - I sprinkled them liberally with orange sugar. They dried quickly! So I melted some milk chocolate and put it in a plastic bag and twisted the chocolate down to the end and sniped off a tiny piece of the plastic to pipe the lines. This also dried super fast. When I use black icing - it takes hours or overnight to completely dry.

Since the chocolate dried so quickly - I was able to package them and find my basketball basket!

At Easter time you can find all sorts of sports baskets - pick some up - They make your snacks look super cute!

I also brought some mini chocolate chip muffins - I packed them in little bags. They were a big hit!

Hope these treats inspire you next time you are scheduled to bring treats for the team! AND I just have to mention that my son's team is in the final four - out of eleven teams!  He has a semi-final game this Saturday! He is super excited!