Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Basketball Cupcakes

This is my last basketball post for a while! Sunday was my son Christian's last day of basketball until next year! I made basketball cupcakes for the team party.

I just made some white cupcakes from a box mix. I super stretched for time! Then I frosted them with white frosting from a can. I was beyond exhausted when I made these cupcakes. Please don't judge!

I poured orange sugar into an oversize Tupperware bowl.

Then press the cupcake into the orange sugar.

Once I dipped all the cupcakes into the orange sugar - I left them blank because my son's team played in the championship game. If they won I was going to pipe #1 on the cupcakes. Sadly we did not win - but they came in second out of eleven teams and that is still really great.

So I came home from the game and quickly melted some milk chocolate and placed it in a zipper top bag and twisted the chocolate so that it was down at the bottom and snipped a small corner off and quickly piped the basketball lines on the cupcakes.

I piped twenty-four cupcakes in less then two minutes. 

These would be a great treat for the team or your March Madness party. Everyone loves cupcakes.