Friday, February 3, 2012

Easy Valentine Treats

I have been packaging up Valentine treats to add to my Valentine baking this week which I will pass out to friends and neighbors.

I saw the above idea on Pinterest it was from Martha Stewart. Just cut your candy dots into hearts then tape them on scrapbook paper and cut around them with your decorative scissors.

Gumballs? No! These are Valentine maltballs. I packaged them in pretzel bags (from Michael's) and tied them with some red ribbon left over from Christmas.

I packaged these m&m's in skinny bags. You can order these 1" x 8" bags on several internet sites.  I use them every holiday and for various party favors.

I packed these pretzels in pretzel bags! I love chocolate covered pretzel'!  The sweet saltiness screams Happy Valentine's Day!

Would it be Valentine's Day without Conversation Hearts? They are adorable and delicious. Once again I used my 1" x 8" bags.

More Valentine pretzels - I do love white chocolate!

My last easy treat! I was going to thread the heart marshmallow and sugar heart onto the skewer in a pattern - but the marshmallow heart got smooshed and the sugar heart was not soft enough to thread. So I decided to just put them at the very top. I think they look really cute! I got the 6" skewer at Ralph's (my local grocery store).

I hope use you some easy and fun Valentine ideas. I bought a lot of the candy at Sprouts (a local produce store) and Target.