Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine Nutella Linzer Cookies

I made some Valentine Linzer cookies over the weekend. And I have finally been able to sit down and  post this fun and easy recipe!

I have always thought that these cookies looked complicated. But they were very easy to make.

I bought this Linzer cookie kit at Michael's for about $5.00 (use a coupon for 40% off). It comes with a heart cutout, circle, star, spade and triangle.

The kit tells you how to make the cookies - it actually gives you a sugar cookie recipe - but I used my sugar cookie recipe from my numbers cookies December 29, 2011 post. Although next week I am going to try Martha Stewart's sugar cookie recipe and compare. I will let you know - what recipe I prefer.

You just cut out 15 bottoms and 15 tops and bake. Then I spread Nutella on the bottom cookie. Before I pressed the cutout cookie on top I sprinkled it with confectioner's sugar.  You could use your favorite jam instead of the Nutella.
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