Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Christmas Sale Items

Yes, I had to buy more super sale items. But remember I don't use these items for Christmas. I use them throughout the year.

These spoons and forks were $1.19 each at Pier 1 Imports. I am  going to use them to tie on to cookbook and other kitchen themed gifts that I buy throughout the year.

These fun oversize rings would be cute to tie onto a fashion themed gift. I also bought them at Pier 1 for $1.19 each and they came in both red and green.

These little boxes of jingle bells were .99 at Pier 1. I will be tying them onto gifts next Christmas.  I could also use them to make ornaments.

I am actually going to use the above boxes of sequined little balls for Valentine Day and St. Patrick's Day crafts. They were also from Pier 1 for .99 a box. I will keep you posted.

I bought the above snowflakes at Target for .30 a packet - each snowflake packet came with four snowflakes. I am thinking about framing the snowflakes. I will keep you posted.